SUN STEEL - chrome-nickel poles, commonly called stainless poles. Unlike chrome-plated ones, they are not coated, therefore the top layer does not wear off. In case of surface scratches caused during exploitation, they are very easy to 'refresh' by simply polishing them again. Thanks to low content of nickel, they are perfect for people allergic to, among others, this particular metal. Available in sizes: 48,3 mm; 45 mm; 42,4 mm;

SUN COLOUR – Powder–coated poles. Available in multiple colors (to select a color, please use the Ral Palette). If a particular color is not available, we will offer a different one, most similar to the selected color. Powder paint is heated in a high temperature furnace, so it does not wear off or discolor. In case of a scratch, the paint does not flake off. Due to fixed size of the furnace – maximum height of Sun Colour is 3,5 m. According to 80 % of users – coated poles are more sticky than stainless or chrome–plated poles. Available in sizes: 42,4 mm and 45 mm.

SUN BRASS – Brass poles. Novelty on the Polish market. After several months of tests and trials, we are proud to present our Sun Brass. It is not a plated pole, so it is not subject to the process of wearing off. About 70 % of users claim that it is even more sticky than powder–coated poles. Because the material is much softer than others, it has to be additionally reinforced when a pole is higher than 2,70m. Available in size: 45 mm, maximum height – 4 m.



- permanent installation – pole is cut according to a given size, fixed permanently to a ceiling and floor;  


- installation of the top part, with a strut  – pole with a strut, it may extend to even 20 cm (attention! extended screw does not extend the usable length of a pole); cut according to a particular length; permanently fixed to a ceiling (base – bearing is fixed with 2 to 4 screws and stays in one place on a ceiling); the pole may be set up and taken off at any time; strut is placed on the top; thanks to this type of installation, even a too lightly extended pole is totally safe – bolted to the bearing, it hangs on it;


nowhere permanent mounted – pole is not permanently fixed; strut is placed on the top; upper and lower plates are secured with a light, smudge – proof anti – skid rubber, so a properly fixed pole does not move or smudge the ceiling or floor; upper plate’s circumference - 25cm;