What pole should I choose?


Start from choosing a material. You may take into consideration opinions of others, but remember that your body may have different traction than your friends. It’s hard to decide on one particular material. If you’re not able to make a decision – ask us to send you a sample.


When you’ve chosen the material, choose a size. The ideal size is when your fingers touch when you put your hand around the pole. However, remember about one important training rule – the thicker the pole, the more power you have to involve to make a figure, so you have to train harder. When the pole is thinner, it is easier to grab it, but it also digs in your body much more.


How to choose a type of installation? 


First of all, ask yourself whether you have the possibility to drill holes in the floor and ceiling. If so – then you can take into consideration any kind of installation. Permanent installation is the safest option. Its defect is that it is tough to set up and take off. If you can’t drill holes in the floor and you don’t want a full strut, you may decide on a pole fixed to the ceiling. You can set it up and take it off at any time, but its base (bearing) will be fixed permanently to the ceiling. If the strut is too weak and the pole moves – it will still hold on to the ceiling. If you decide on a full strut, mobility is definitely the advantage here. However, remember that for a pole to be absolutely safe, it has to be properly fixed and checked every time before training. 


Due to safety reasons, we select specific types of installation for particular heights. 


If you have a suspended ceiling – a 15x15 cm square can be cut out to fix the pole to a permanent ceiling, as it’s always easy to cover. If you have a ceiling in a so-called old building (ex. straw), we suggest installing a reinforcement. If your ceiling is uneven or slanted, you don’t have to worry. We use UCF bearings – a perfect solution for such problems.



What length should I give?


You’ve chosen the model of the pole and the place of fixing. To place an order, you still have to give us the height of the room. To measure the room properly, use a measure. If you don’t have a measure, you can use a long string. Get on a ladder and put the measure in the spot where you’d like to have your pole fixed. The measure has to hang down to the floor in a straight line. Remember, that uneven ceilings happen in all kinds of buildings, so the height of the room may differ even to a few centimeters in different spots.



How can I order a pole?


We accept orders by mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . In your order, please include the following information: your personal data, delivery address, phone number, selected model (color, thickness, height, etc.). In a return mail, you’ll receive our pricing, account number and possible, additional questions. We accept orders by mail only. It’s a protection both for us and you.



How long will I wait?


Lead time is maximum 15 working days (in Poland) and 30 working days (in other countries) from the day we receive your payment. Waiting time depends on availability of a given material in a wholesaler, specificity of an order and, most importantly, number of orders.



Can I return the ordered product?


Every pole is produced according to an individual order and prepared specially for you. However, taking your own good into consideration, each order may be returned in 14 days from the day of its reception. The condition is that the pole can’t be used. Client is charged fully for the return of the product. Poles are not subject to exchange. If you’d like a different pole, you have to return the previously ordered pole and place a new order. Otherwise, we don’t accept returns.



Is the pole subject to warranty?


Yes. Our products are subject to a one - year warranty. You’ll find the warranty terms below.



I’m allergic to nickel. What pole should I choose?


Allergy to nickel is becoming more and more common in our environment. If you can’t wear artificial jewelry or you get a rash from a belt buckle, you are probably allergic to nickel. Stainless poles, however also called chrome – nickel poles, contain very little amount of nickel. Nickel – coated poles, such as x-pole, contain much more nickel.



Does color from a powder – coated pole wear off?


No. Poles are coated with a special powder paint, heated in a high temperature furnace. Such paint is resistant to the process of wearing off. Even if you scratch the pole, e.g. with a sharp part of your clothing, the paint does not flake off.



Can I receive an invoice?


Of course, we issue invoices. If you need an invoice, include this information in your order and give us your data.



Can I get a discount?


We give discounts for orders for 10 poles or more.



How much will I pay for delivery?


In Poland: Delivery price depends on the length of the ordered pole. Price of a courier (up to 2,70m) is 70zł. Price of package over 2,70m is starts from 100zł. Delivery price is given in the pricing, after the acceptation. If there is a bigger amount of orders to be delivered to a particular place, delivery price is lower and poles are delivered personally.

Prices to other countries will be sent individually.



I’ve sent an e-mail – I haven’t received a reply.


Since each order is prepared individually, we are not a factory and we produce almost all components ourselves, we often work over a dozen hours a day, so that all the orders are ready on time. If you don’t receive the reply within two or three days, we ask you for patience and understanding. We prefer focusing all our attention on the fastest and safest preparation of your equipment. However, if you don’t receive a response within a week – send your inquiry once again or call us. We may have not received your order.



There’s no answer to your question here? Write to us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






1. The warranty includes only the original equipment bought directly from the producer - Sun Pole.

2. The warranty is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. Invoice/payment confirmation is the proof of the valid warranty.

3. Without invoice/receipt confirming the date of purchase, the warranty is not in force.

4. The warranty includes:

- manufacturing defects of material, found in the moment of reception of the pole;

- upper and lower bearings;

 - welds of lower plates;

 - upper and lower sleeves;

 5. The warranty does not include:

 - scratches on the pole caused during exploitation;

 - blockages of lower plates;

 - damages and flakes of paint of lower and upper plates;

 - other signs of using a pole;

6. The warranty is in force only in the case of a proper installation and use of equipment.

7. In the case of detection of a defect/fault, send us a report with a detailed description of the problem immediately by mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , including a scanned invoice/receipt.

8. The producer has 14 working days to give an opinion on the problem and offer a possible solution.

9. From the moment of accepting the offer of fixing by the client, the producer has another 14 days to repair the faults. In some cases, this time may be longer. Client is informed about it in the moment of reporting the warranty.

10. In the case of accepting the warranty, a client sends back the damaged equipment on the producer’s expense. Type of delivery has to be previously agreed on with the producer.

11. A client has the right to return the purchased equipment within 14 days from the day of purchase. The condition for accepting the returned product – equipment cannot be used.